I sold my house!!@!@! And I’m going to Korea, again.

I finally decided to post this!!! Hallelujah! Go on, good-mooded sei, let’s finish and post this. Omg. ahahaha

Okay so! Briefly what’s going on around here, because if I start from the background I’ll get way too bored way too quickly.

You are here to know what’s going on with my house (urm, well, my apartment actually), so here I am with the answer. What happened today?? I finally found a buyer!!!!!!! The first customer, a young woman (around 35y.o – yes, all of you are young, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!!!!! you’re great, ILU All!!!!) came to see the apartment yesterday. It was around 6PM and I was fighting a terrible headache, so I put on my best smile while dying from pain inside and answered all the questions, laughed politely etc etc. And even though the first thing I did after they left was running out to buy some painkillers, which, in the end, didn’t help at all, the pain was worth it because today I answered the phone that she’s taking it hdsfshdfksjd hskjfhsdkjfhs fdsfs
it was during class and after I went back into the classroom did I listen to the lecture oh no I didn’t at all, I’m sorry Mgr Cz. :((((

But yeah anyway! Why was this so important to me? Well, let me tell you a story. I will make it short. I hope.

I’ve wanted to emigrate from my country just because of the sheer hatred I feel for everything here ever since I learned that other countries exist, which was, like, a very long time ago. (I had an distant aunt in Canada. She once sent us gifts and it was the coolest thing ever, to have something FROM CANADA. Those times lol). So now that I’m 23 and graduating in two months, the idea that I’m going to leave permanently very soon is quite obvious.

The thing is, last year it turned out that way that I got heritage, me and my siblings sold the house and I ended up buying an apartment with my share. It made sense, because that way I could spend much less on monthly rent and I could do anything I wanted in the apartment. So I got myself an unfurhished one, in an old tenement house, one I could afford but it did leave me with absolutely nothing in my bank account.

With my grandpa’s and my brother’s financial help I managed to furnish the kitchen and buy a mattress to sleep on. It was quite a stress, I’m adulting too fast LOL

Now! That it’s been a year! And I’m finishing my 3rd year of undergraduate studies, I’m all ready to pack my suitcase and leave. So obviously I have to get rid of my lovely place to live. It’s been a nice 10 months here. I haven’t suspected I’ll find a buyer THAT fast tho :O

ON THE OTHER NOTE: It’s official.

I’m going to Korea again!

HUFS accepted me back with this semester’s exchange students group and I’m going to continue my course starting from the Fall semester in September <3333 Since I plan to go a bit early, to have some time for myself in Seoul, there are less than four months left until I leave!!! I’m so happy, I’m in the middle of getting all the documents done and ready to mail. I can’t wait for the food, guys, the food is the important stuff. Kpop is cool but nothing will ever beat 양념치킨, spicy fried chicken with a sweetish-hot sauce and cheese topping. It’s heaven on earth and here I am talking about my love for fried chicken in a post about my apartment. There are so many things I love about Korea that I could list and ahaha OTL

I have to wrap up now, it’s getting late and I really wanted to publish the post today. If I don’t do it, I’ll probably lose the motivation to do it for the next two months.

So! That’s it! Goodnight! I won’t promise again that I’m gonna try posting more often, but I feel a need strong enough to, so I’ll hold onto that.

This post probably has tons of mistakes and typos. Sorry about that ._.


tu sei w korei! (Póki co w Polsce, ale już niedługo :D) Post po polsku może się pojawi, jeśli będą osoby które po polsku też by chciały. Zadecydowałam tak, że zacznę blogerować tutaj, bo mi smutno z tego bloga, że ma jeden popularny post i poza tym jest przykryty kurzem i brakiem kliknięć ><. Spróbuję go odkurzyć i uaktywnić. Nie wiem co z tego będzie, to dopiero czas pokaże. (W sumie planuję go prowadzić dwujęzycznie, tylko teraz już późno jest i od nowa pisać nie chcę.) Żeby nie było – to wszystko to dość ważna dla mnie decyzja, to wszystko jest głębsze i baaaaardzo długo o tym myślałam, a wniosek jest taki że byle jak ale muszę jak najprędzej zacząć, więc właśnie tym postem zaczynam. Nawet na jakieś vlogi o różnych fajnych rzeczach mam kilka pomysłów, może i tym się w końcu zacznę bawić. :’D Więc tego. Narczi! o7

7 uwag do wpisu “I sold my house!!@!@! And I’m going to Korea, again.

    1. Dzięki! ^_^ Prawdopodobnie po prostu niektóre posty będą takie, a inne takie. Narazie ważne, żebym w ogóle wyrobiła sobie nawyk pisania, haha 🙂 Wpadaj często! xoxo ^^

  1. Caarolinee

    Gratulacje! 😀 naprawdę uważam, że to coś wielkiego. Podróżowanie, poznawanie nowych kultur, ludzi, nowe otoczenie – to wszystko sprawia, że życie nie jest nudne. Sama planuję wyjazd za dwa lata. Może nie do Korei, ale ta na pewno znajduje się u mnie na liście miejsc do odwiedzenia! Mam nadzieję, że wszystko Ci się uda! Powodzenia 😀

    1. Matko, dopiero teraz zauważyłam, że nie odpowiedziałam >< Zdecydowanie nie lubię w życiu zbyt długo stać w jednym miejscu. Od małego co chwila starałam się to przestawić biurko, to wynaleźć jakieś nowe hobby do zabijania czasu. Potrzeba stale nowych rzeczy rozwinęła się w tę moją miłość do szalonych przygód 😀 A Korea jest na tyle ważna, że nie nudzi mi się stałe do niej wracanie, więc coś w tym musi być! Odwiedź koniecznie 😀 i dzięki!!! ^o^

  2. Elaine

    Can I ask u, did you join a regular master degree class or just a language course or how does it work? Do you get any scholarship?
    I got so much inspiration and good energy from your post I’d like to motivate myself and look for a possibility to study in korea too, bc I just did my bachelor in KR studies but unfortunately my GPA is too low for a scholarship ><
    Anyway, thank u for sharing everything on this blog, I hope you will spend an amazing time in Korea!

    1. Omg thank you for such a positive comment ;w;
      For now I’m enrolled in the Intense Korean Course. As for scholarship – I don’t really get one, but as an exchange student, my school covered the tuition fees, so I only(?) have to pay for everything else (accomodation, food etc.).
      Lately I got lazy with the blog (again…) but I’m constantly condemning myself for that so maybe in the nearest future I’ll start running it properly. Hopefully. Sigh why am I like that >>
      But yeah anyway!! You won’t believe how glad I am that I managed to inspire you! I hope you find a way to come here to study ;;;; And! Thank you for reading ♥


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